Emotional Spelunking

“Do not always run away from the darkness! Remember the beautiful lakes which are hidden inside the dark caves! In the least expected places, there exist the most beautiful treasures!”

-Mehmet Murat Ildan

Why am I writing this blog?

I was stumbling around the pitch black, cold, clammy existence – feeling alone. 

I am gripping the cool, damp walls of my cave, creeping inch by inch toward the minuscule stream of light I can’t resist advancing toward – sensing hope.  

Why should you read this blog?

Emotional spelunking should not be a solo venture.

Blog Posts

Don’t Drive-Through

The commute is seemingly endless after a grueling day. I am exhausted. The fuel tank is empty, and so is my stomach. I wait impatiently for the driver in front of me to finish fueling her crew cab, long bed, lifted, hot pink, bumper sticker-infested pick-up truck. I sit in my own driver’s seat, waitingContinue reading “Don’t Drive-Through”

It’s Been A Minute

It has been a minute since you’ve heard from me. Where have I been? I have been navigating desolation. I am crawling through the desert at a snail’s pace. Sweating. Sand clinging to my clammy hands and knees. The grit is sticking between my fingers, grating my skin like sandpaper. My lips become more dry,Continue reading “It’s Been A Minute”

In The Weeds

A clean, crisp white double-breasted chef’s coat hangs neatly in the closet. Folded leg to leg and draped over the wooden bar, under the jacket, are black and white houndstooth patterned pants. I pull the end of the pant legs and slide them off the hanger. Anxiously and a bit off-balance as I insert oneContinue reading “In The Weeds”


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4 thoughts on “Emotional Spelunking

  1. Wow! Not only are you sharing from your heart, but you’re doing it so eloquently with thoughtful prose. I look forward to sitting in your backseat on your journey ( if there’s any room among the baggage!) and seeing this trip through your eyes. I’ve heard it said that if you don’t have any baggage, it just means you’ve never been anywhere….


  2. This is incredible!! I’m so excited to see how this grows… the lives it’ll impact…and to share in your journey! 💕


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