Jumping Off The Deep End…

…and starting a blog!

I run. Full steam ahead. JUMP! As my feet leave the ground and I descend to the unknown depths. I close my eyes. In a moment, one of two things will happen.

I will panic, limbs flailing in uncertain directions some of which I didn’t think my body could twist to. I hit the water ferociously with a loud SLAP that leaves my ears ringing. The red swath across my belly matches my hot cheeks. I clamor out of the water, sheepishly looking about to count the eyes looking on.


I will gracefully extend my arms, fingertips touching the refreshing coolness, and then the rest of my body meeting the water with barely a ripple. I briefly descend and then arch my spine to swim upwards and enter the warm air with outstretched arms of victory.

Let’s hope for the sake of this blog it’s the latter.

Let me dry off a bit and get on with it.

I arrive here with what some might call baggage. I prefer recognizing it as my story and it equips me to share my emotional spelunking with you. Bellyflops and successes, smiles and tears, humor and gravity is what you get diving into this blog.

I am out of my comfort zone. I am unsure where this journey will take us. I do know that we will venture together. So take my hand and JUMP!

14 thoughts on “Jumping Off The Deep End…

  1. Ang!! I am so proud of you! I intend to be with you every step of your journey. What a beautiful start! Love you, my friend!


  2. You are very gifted with words!
    I’m anxiously awaiting your next post to hear more about you walking around in the dark and finding hidden lakes ❤️


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